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Isaac Tutumlu´s rain driving rewards with fifth place at Spa

The second race of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo at Spa-Francorchamps was marred by rain and it started behind the safety car. Tutumlu shone in rain with brilliant race trim and gaining several places before handing over the car to Jesse Anttila, who crossed the finish line 5th.isaac t spa r2

Isaac Tutumlu showed off his diving skills once again during Saturday´s rain-marred race at Spa-Francorchamps. The day started with morning washed by the rain and, as a result, the race started behind the safety car and the Spaniard of Kurdish heritage making the opening stint.

The safety car led the field for the first three laps and it gave Tutumlu little room for manoeuvre. As soon as the safety car pulled into the pit lane, Tutumlu started his driving master-class. Despite poor visibility due to water spray, the Spanish driver overtook Florian Spengler at Eau rouge for seventh. By posting middle-sector fastest time – only Daniel Zampieri and Roman Mavlanov could equal his pace-, Tutumlu had reduced the gap and passed several cars to run in the top-5 before his mandatory pit stop. When the driver of Leipert Motorsport has headed into the pit lane, running fifth overall by then, Jesse Anttila has taken the wheel of the Lamborghini Huracan. Anttila has performed rather well and finally brought 5th place home for the Spanish-Finnish duo.

“That safety car deployed at the start was not the best news for us, as it prevented us from fighting for podium. But anyway my stint was a pretty solid one and I´m really pleased. Taking into account it was my first time with this car in rain conditions and how bad Thursday was for us, it was a good result”, Tutumlu explained. Tutumlu also highlighted Jesse´s performance, “because he never drove a GT3 car in such difficult weather conditions and Spa isn´t the easiest place to have your first taste of it. At the end his lap times were very quick. Our fifth place, battling with other thirty-four cars and quick and experienced drivers, is a good result. I am looking forward to driving the Lamborghini again at Nürburgring next September. I hope to improve our results there”.

Source. CTR Press



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