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8th place Super Trofeo finish for Isaac Tutumlu at Paul Ricard‏

Pitting fifteen seconds longer, when the Spaniard of Kurdish heritage took over the car from Anttila, cost him a chance of podium finish and finally the duo of Leipert Motorsport brought home 8th place during Saturday´s race in the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo. Tomorrow Tutumlu will start ninth on the grid.isaac t paul ricard

Isaac Tutumlu was not able to meet his goal at Paul Ricard, where the first race of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo was held earlier today. The driver of Leipert Motorsport, teaming up with Jesse Anttila for the very first time, has delivered a brilliant performance in qualifying, as he has set 6th quickest time with a lap of 2:07.162, equaling pace of experienced drivers such as Daniel Zampieri, Patrick Kujala, Edoardo Libertato or Sergio Campana.

Anttila made the opening stint and after the first lap, Finland´s driver was 7th. Shortly after, Anttila could avoid collision with Alberto di Folco, who spun in front of him but dropped to 8th place. The safety car was deployed after 13 minutes and, when green flags waved again, the pit stop window for driver change opened. When Anttila headed into pit lane, there were problems for fastening the seat belt, costing 15 additional seconds. Tutumlu has rejoined 13th and, despite he set rather competitive lap times, the Barcelona-driver couldn´t improve 8th place.

“I am not happy about our result today. We lost loads of time during our pit stop and it cost our chances of fighting for a podium finish. My lap times were quite competitive at the end, but I couldn´t regain lost ground”, Tutumlu explains, stressing that “tomorrow I will make the opening stint, 9th on the grid as Jesse qualified the car like that. It will be another tough race, because yesterday we were a PAM team and the organization today moved into PRO class. Otherwise we would have finished 2nd today. But we have to give our best tomorrow”.

Sunday´s race will get underway tomorrow at 10.50.

Sourc: CTR Press



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